The Gift, that wasn’t wrapped

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Lifting her head slowly off the pillow she realized it would be easier not to worry about what was causing her leg so much pain.

An easy answer lay on the nightstand table that as she went to reach for it, her eyes fell upon the present that was on the windowsill.

Instead of reaching for the pills, she used her energy to try and sit up.

She could do it, she could get to the bathroom.

Falling into the bathroom door jamb she felt nauseated but knew she would not be sick as she hadn’t eaten in a long time.  How long, she wondered? Who cares, she thought.  Instead, she reached for the shower knobs as she decided the easiest way to clean the wound was to have a shower. She didn’t have the strength or ambition to try and do anything more. 

Has the tepid water ran over her body she once again thought about finding a way not to have to go to work. Seeing no other alternative, she turned off the water and dripping wet, stepped onto the tiny hand towel she used as a mat. Looking down she realized that having shorts pulled on and off her, all night was going to cause that leg a lot of pain, so instead, she reached for the skirt. Her only other ‘suitable’ outfit for her job. She didn’t like the skirt much as it meant easier access and a lot more groping, but the alternative pain caused by the shorts was going to make the skirt the better option tonight.

She wandered back into the only other room in her apartment. Her eyes fell on the present again. She walked over to the window and looked out at the tree that was just outside her window. It was the closest thing she had to a Christmas tree which is why the present sat on the windowsill.  

She gently picked up the present and tried to picture what her sister’s life was like now. Was she happier? Was her new daddy mean or would he try and touch her? 

Reaching for the pill bottle on her stand,  taking two to try and numb the pain she put the bottle and the present in her small bag and left the apartment. 

Crawling into the Uber she gave the driver the new address. Maybe if she dropped the present off before work instead of after she’d get a chance to see her little sister.

The man who opened the door was tall and slender and seemed to have a nice smile. He recognized her right away and told her that her sister was already in bed.

Reaching into her bag she pulled out the present and handed it to him. The only word she uttered that night was to him as she leaned into him and said “the only reason I’m still alive is to make sure that her new Daddy isn’t like her old one”.

The man looked down at her with saddened eyes, gave her a brief hug and said “the best present you gave her was when you call the police on your dad. I promise you, she will have a better life.”

Tearing streaming down her face she turned to go and noticed the fully decorated tree and all the presents through the front window.  Sadly, she smiled, lifted her head high, pasted on her ‘come get me smile’ and walked back to the uber. 

Disclaimer: Although many of the situations in this story are potentially what a human trafficked girl goes through, this is a fictional story.