Not all monsters wear masks

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Not all monsters wear masks




When you did something wrong as a child?

To not get caught, what did you do?

You kept quiet, hoping no one noticed. If that did not work, you would blame it on a sibling. Not letting your parents see the truth was your goal. 

As adults, we spill our lives on social media looking for praise, acknowledgement, and encouragement.  Typically, we only show the good side of ourselves. We do not want anyone knowing our mistakes, our failures, or to see our dirty little secrets. Sometimes we even wear a mask so no one can see our darker side. 

People who sell other people are evil and wear their masks well. They are crafty and do not get caught often even though they do not hide out of sight. Instead, they wear masks, trying to look like everyone else, doing everyday things. Disguising themselves so you do not know who they are. 

Eventually the masks slip, evil becomes apparent.  Many in our society have no problem attacking the evil to try and end it. 

But what about the evil that is not wearing a mask? 

Those sins that are not obvious to us. 

The perpetrators may look just like you and me.

But are in fact ‘The Predators’. 

There is evil lurking under the surface but for some reason is acceptable because, hey, this has been going on since the beginning of time. So it is ok, right?  Take Epstein for example. How long was that going on before anyone was aware? 

They are monsters without masks. 

They look like the rest of us. They are integrated into our society so well that we have given them a common name.  They are the ones that buy people for their personal, selfish pleasure, “The Johns” 

Proven by the fact that it was not until recently – 2014, that a new legislation was enacted that made it a criminal offence to purchase sexual services *1.

To use an analogy here, the “john,” is the child in our society that is trying to place the blame on the sibling. 

So why as a society, do we mostly focus on the sellers and not the buyers?  

The term ‘supply and demand’ makes this question a valid one? Especially when it comes to the buying and selling of girls and boys and our young people.  Without the ‘johns’ wanting to buy sex, there would be no need for the monsters that do wear masks – the seller, pimps, third-person facilitators. 

Why are we not appalled that we allow the monsters that don’t wear masks (the johns) to be so ‘acceptable’?  

They are Predators! 

They are the ones ‘using’ other people for their own pleasure with no consequences. 

Why are we not teaching the next generation to understand what true sexual relationships should look like? 

  • We need to be the example with our own relationships. 
  • We should be explaining what intimacy and respect for another person’s body truly is.  

But instead:

We turn our heads away when our kids watch porn, and or use a ‘hookup’ site? 

We have turned the sexual acts that are supposed to be part of a relationship, into an everyday, non relational thing. Something anyone, anywhere can have without any consequences.  This is why the monster is not hidden. They don’t have to wear a mask. This behaviour is now acceptable. It is no longer a sin, and even if it is, that is ok, because ‘everyone’ is doing it. Right?

The moral line has been blurred.  We have accepted that some cannot find sex without paying for it. 

We rationalize it by saying:

  • They are too busy to have a relationship 
  • They have a different, kinky, or insatiable kind of appetite
  • They have the right to have sex exactly as they want it, with no give and take. 

We have done the next generation a disservice by turning our heads and ignoring this. 

Being ‘polite’ by not bring it up. 

For some, maybe even thinking that if they ignore these issues, it will go away or at the very least not infect any of their loved ones. All the while, their partners and their children may be buying sex.  

We need to get back to the place where we teach our kids how to respect themselves and others. 

  • That sex is an intimate bond between two people. 
  • That sex is not just an ‘urge’.  
  • That there are emotions attached to the sex act 
  • That sex needs to include give and take for both parties without any strings attached.
  • That sex with others needs to be consensual and that both parties should leave the experience feeling satisfied and loved. 
  • That sex should NEVER be bought.   

We cannot let this continue to happen. We have to understand this is evil. That the buying and selling of anyone, but especially of our girls and boys must be stopped.  Understanding that the only way to do that is to stop those that buy. Get rid of the demand, and there will be no need for supply.