Kelly Tallon Franklin is the founder of Courage for Freedom, a Canadian-based organization who exists to educate, train and certify front-line and community service providers on proven strategies and prevention tactics serves vulnerable victims of human trafficking and sexually exploited girls.

She is also the Executive Director of Farmtown Canada, a provider of minor-aged victim services and restorative “horse that heal” programs for young girls whose innocence has been compromised by criminals who recruited, coerced, and exploited them.

As a human-rights advocate specifically in the areas of human trafficking, women’s rights and community protection, Kelly has been a long-time voice for those in the vulnerable sector. She works tirelessly to share her message and advocacy to government, corporations, municipalities and communities.

Kelly believes that Courage for Freedom is born out of doing the right thing. It is not just a social justice issue, but a human issue where each one of us is called to lead our lives honorably and with impact to take action and foster positive, lasting change.

Healthcare • Education • Government • Associations • Financial Services • Police Services



Kelly Franklin’s riveting personal story is filled with broken pieces, terrible choices, and ugly truths. It’s also filled with a major comeback, peace in her soul, and a grace that saved her life.

DOWN 7, UP 8

Kelly Franklin speaks to the exhaustion and reality of compassion fatigue. She will show you how to get up, show up and take yourself and your team where you need to go. Awareness is prevention when it comes to this topic and learning to build smart strategies that develop resilience, inspire hope and ways to protect your energy and your emotions to keep going when it feels too dark.


Strong communities stand together when things are rough and hold each other up when they need support. Our communities are in crisis with an unspoken threat of human trafficking and sexual exploitation happening in every town and every city. Kelly Franklin shares her strategy for mobilizing communities and organizations for the protection of those that need our help.

“Powerful, raw and real.” – P. Morand


That’s right! You can host a town hall meeting and have Kelly speak to get raw and real about protecting your community from this dangerous issue.


Kelly was exactly what our conference attendees needed to hear today. She fired up the audience and took them on a journey. Her storytelling and insight is incredible. I had no idea what to expect when I heard her speak. WOW! I will definitely remember Kelly Franklin.

I profoundly moved after hearing Kelly speak. I am speechless and left more than inspired. I am on fire to create positive change in my community.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; we need so many more people like you! Thank you for the powerful impact that you have.

Dear Kelly: I wanted to thank you so much for your time when you came to our training and shared with us a couple of weeks ago. I am thrilled at the energy and compassion you have and after hearing your story, can understand why you do what you do. Your story was so honest and helpful and I am thankful for your willingness to open yourself as you do to provide useful training so we can stand together to support victims and their families.

Your time with us that morning brought me right back to my childhood days and I wept thinking how I had wished that there was someone you had trained to notice me when I was little! I may not have spent 30 years trying to find my value in this life! Your time spent sharing your story is very important and I encourage you to continue. training, educating and empowering all levels and communities to do something positive to end the demand and create safety. I hope to see you again, to take the next level of training.